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Super A Foods, headquartered in Commerce, Calif., was founded by Lou Amen in 1971. Four of Lou’s seven children and a son-in-law are involved in the business. Lou was inducted into the CGAEF Hall of Achievement in 1999.

Lou’s son, Jim, is the president and three daughters – Jeannie, Renee, and Joanne – work for Super A Foods. Super A Foods, Inc. is a privately-held chain of grocery stores with its fare specially catering to Latino and Asian consumers in the Los Angeles area.

Louis A. Amen
Chairman of the Board, Super A Foods, Inc.

Louis (Lou) Amen was first elected to the Unified Board of Directors (then Certified Grocers of California, Ltd.) in 1974. He served as chairman of the Board of Directors for over fifteen years, during which time the Company evolved from Certified Grocers to Unified Western Grocers and to the current Unified Grocers.

Lou is chairman of the Board of Super A Foods, Inc., a chain of 8 supermarkets in Los Angeles that he founded in 1971. He has been in the grocery business for nearly seven decades. Lou bought his first store in 1950, and parlayed his investment into a 10 store chain that was later sold and re-invested to build his current family business.

Lou has also served on the Board of the California Grocers Association (CGA) for over 30 years, including serving as CGA Board Chairman. Lou is a recipient of the 1999 CGA Educational Foundation Hall of Achievement Award for his commitment and dedication to the food industry.

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